UI/UX & Product Design

Traum Office / Immovergleich

The brief is to develop a modern online solution for both businesses and real estate agents to connect, search and offer suitable office spaces. As a requirement, the solution should be in the form of a website with a contemporary feel, intuitive and affordable UX where interested parties should fill in a questionnaire by stating choices and needs. The interaction should be flawless and easy to use. The visuals should present open, light and airy working spaces in contemporary buildings.

The project run into three stages:

Stage 01
Create a landing page that promotes a real estate website dedicated to finding an office for small, medium and large companies.

Stage 02
Develop a website that provides a flawless search experience by going through a questionnaire with different features. After completing it, the interested people provide contact details and are later contacted by real estate advisers with offers.

Stage 02
Create a dashboard for real estate agents to manage listings and get in touch with prospective clients.


Gregor Müller


November 2019 - February 2020

01. Basics

Searching for office space is currently straightforward, the interested party searches through real estate websites or contacts one-two realtors to find suitable premises. Immovergleich offers a different approach: 1) Fill in a questionnaire, provide contact details, receive relevant and reasonable offers from multiple agents.

02. Goals

Convince the target audience that Immovergleich is a stress-free and easy solution to get in touch with top realtors to find the required office space for small, medium and large companies.

03. Problems

The audience could be reluctant to spend time on completing the questionnaire. Bearing in mind the low percentage of people who read on the web, the content should be short and right to the point. The overall design and layout should incorporate a lot of white space; accented areas would follow the pattern of skipping content and give only gist of convincing information.

04. Solutions

The content of the home page should ensure users to give it a try. The landing page advertised to generate leads would play a significant role in convincing the target audience to give it a try. Monitor on behaviour and percentage ration between those who start the questionnaire, those who don't complete it and lastly, the completion rate would determine the optimisation of the questionnaire by removing questions or changing their order. A/B testing would be beneficial.

Initial Versions for landing page

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