10 Tips: How to make users read your website

There is no doubt that visual presentation of your website is very important. The layout, the colors, the visuals and icons should be tied up with your visual identity.

But equally important is how your copy is presented as well as the tone and voice of your website writing.


Tips for Beautiful Minimalist Websites

Minimalist websites are ones that lack of many effects, have lean aesthetics, are usable and visually pleasing without many bells and whistles.


5 W’s for a successful business website

Just like the physical location of your shop or office, your online one is important for your business. Showcasing your brand on the web is valuable for your business.


23 Creative Podcasts to Make You a Better Designer

Podcasts are one of the best ways to stay informed with news, trends and experiences in the design and development world. You can listen to experts and fellow designers share ideas and opinions while commuting, at work or home. If you do not have time to browse the web for inspiration, these 23 podcasts will give all you need to know.

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