UX/UI & Product Design / Coding


DoggoDNA is an Austrian company offering DNA tests for dogs to determine the purity of the breed and if any genetic health conditions may implications in the long term. The task was to create a friendly to use website which targets dog lovers who are willing to provide the best care for their pets.

Audience research
The audience targetted consists of tech-savvy online-shopping professionals (ages 24-45) with a good income from DACH. They have one or more pets and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle for the whole household. Similarly to people's DNA tests, doing one for a dog would reveal predispositions to disease and health risks which in the age of information is extremely valuable.

The website has launched as "Coming soon - Reserve a test" product encouraging people to signup beforehand. Advertisements (Google, FB & Instagram) were prepared to enhance reach and generate buzz to the potential audience as a fresh-launched website would take time to generate organic traffic from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

I have decided to use visuals that represent beautiful dogs in the header of the website with a percentage of breed purity in the form of an infographic. There is a clear CTA (call-to-action) which is immediately recognised. In terms of SEO, a tabbed section was added to provide more information with clear titles and explain more about the benefits of dog DNA testing. The other sections explain the benefits of testing together with testimonials. Some stats on dogs wellbeing continue to story. The final touch is a rather significant section with a CTA (call-to-action). The footer reflects the header with visuals of dogs, this time no infographic elements.


Gregor Müller


September 2019

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